. . . . .

"Our circle of friends continue to make sure Chad will marry them as the proposals keep flying.  Chad is kind, well-rounded, projects his gentle voice perfectly, and simply cares about doing everything right."

When the time came for me to marry my fiancée, Chad was one of my first calls to ensure he was available for the date we were hoping to get married.  For us, the actual wedding ceremony was the reason people were coming to witness and support us, and we knew he would nail it.  In reality, he took every part of the experience to the next level.  As our custom ceremony script came together, Chad was available for review and fantastic ideas that would make it fun, meaningful, engaging for our guests, and the perfect mix of our religious beliefs and traditions.  He was also excited to build in our live music and humourous moments.  The conversations in advance combined with our rehearsal had us completely comfortable and able to truly enjoy the ceremony as it played out flawlessly.  Chad surprised us by beautifully captivating everyone with his words, and was an absolute pro on the day.  Every one of our 110 guests went out of their way to tell us how much they loved the ceremony, and how unique and special it was.  We couldn't agree more, and had so much fun!

Chad takes the role of marrying people seriously, and leaves no chance for failure when it comes to the rest of a couple's life together.  My first experience working with Chad was when two of my best friends were officially married.  After seeing the care and personal attention he put into making sure all areas of their life together were well thought out, he was pleased to take them through a beautiful and intimate moment in time that was a treasure to witness."

- Ro and Addie Davies

. . . . .

"Chad was an awesome officiant. He took time to get to know both of us and our story. He was able to bring important aspects from our lives and incorporate them in our ceremony. Chad has a very relaxed and calm demeanor, which made us feel very comfortable while standing in front of 100+ people. I would highly recommend Chad if you are looking for a special experience with your wedding ceremony."

- Todd and Amanda Anderson


Nic and I wanted to pass on a huge thank you for being a part of our wedding! Your words meant so much to us. It was a perfect day and it wouldn't have been the same without you. We are so grateful that you were able to marry us. Most of our guests thought you were a longtime friend of ours, and in all our conversations and especially on our wedding day it really felt like that!

- Krista and Nic